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Getting back in shape

So, I am back in school and have access to a gym 24/7. For the summer break, my plan was to eat whatever I want, and not work out that much. After a month, that “not work out that much”, reduced to not working out at all. The pain in my left shoulder, went away immediately. I also was able to enjoy a relaxed and laid back life, where counting calories, weighing food and watching what I put into my body, wasn’t a top priority. I have to admit, I enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately, that came with consequences. Although I am currently at 171 lbs (not having lost a lb at all), I have unfortunately lost muscle mass. The muscle I once had, has been replaced with body fat. But, I am fortunate enough to have 5 months to get Xmas body ready!

Because I am back in school, my schedule is going to be severely ridiculous. I wouldn’t be able to work out as long as I would want to, on every day but I will try to workout at least 30 minutes, whenever I have scheduled a work out session. My school comes first, so my schedule will be adjusted. I do plan though despite that, to blog my progress throughout the struggles that will keep me from being a gym junkie, like I am accustomed to. The good thing about that though is that those who find it hard to find time to work out, can be inspired by someone who literally tends to not have time for working out, actually finds time to do just that.

My plan is to work out at least 6 days for the week. To reduce the body fat, I will be including sessions that include cardio. I am not sure what my training session will look like or incorporate what, but I will be most likely training with very low rest time between sets and exercises, to maximize my time and help up the intensity of the training. The idea is to reduce my body fat significantly, but gain muscle mass also.

I will start training as soon as the Body Image here in Grenada has my desired Whey protein. Then it is on like donkey kong!

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