There are some blogs that I have become very much interested in, especially as their content is generally movie related. I am a serious horror movie fan. I am not the indie type of horror movie fan, but I can get down to an indie horror movie, every now and then. Sometimes the cheesier they are, the better.

Then there’s also Sci-Fi; supernatural websites that I actually enjoy surfing through. The secret of the unknown, has always interested me; UFOs, ultra-terrestrial beings (other dimensions; Mothman, Men In Black), etc.

So here’s my list:

Funny Or Die

Self Hacked

Screen Rant

The Horror Club

Horror Freak News

Above Top Secret


Ghost Theory

Top 5s

Unreality Mag

Scariest Things

Abenaki Extreme

Road To Recovery

The Human Marvels

John Dillinger

MCU Cosmic


8th Man Dvd Com

Wealthy Gorilla

Kevin MD

Whats On Netflix

Beauty Puzzled


Crime Library Via Web Archive

Good Mythical Morning

Soft White Underbelly

Imanbek Music

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