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I am back and surviving covid madness with Deepak Chopra 21 Days of Abundance

I haven’t posted in nearly 6 months. But we all can empathize on the feeling of not wanting to share much with the world, and just focus on every day, each one at a time. Since Covid has struck the whole world, in 2020, all our lives have changed. No one hasn’t been affected by covid, in some form or the other. Whether it is total shut down of your borders, lock downs within your communities or unfortunately, deaths from the virus itself; we’ve all felt the brunt of this pandemic. In fact, for majority of the world, this is our first deadliest pandemic. The last the world saw a pandemic of this magnitude, was during the Spanish Flu back in 1918. It took us nearly 100 years, to face the same detrimental, savagery of a pandemic, but it doesn’t seem like we were any better prepared than they were.

I was working in Medicine, during my final closure of my medical internship, when Covid really hit its’ peak in my country. We as doctors, had a choice within our own teams, to choose a schedule that would reduce the time of exposure we would have with a patient. Stay home for a few days, while your colleagues be the ones who handled all the patients on the ward, along with post call days, those who were going to be staying home, did the paperwork and those who were going to see the patients for the remainder of the week, would be doing the hands on activities.

As relaxing as that was, we were all still on edge, waiting every week to get a Covid update from our ministry of health. An although my country seems to have gotten it under control with the lock down of our borders, mandatory quarantine and testing for those who we gradually allow to return to our country, it is still a strenuous experience. I cannot say it is anywhere like the United States, but Covid Fever (aka cabin fever), is definitely a thing. Even for the most introverted of individuals like myself, the routine of home and work, is starting to get to us.

It is with that, that I have started doing Deepak Chopra 21 Days of Abundance meditation. I am currently on day 6, and I am hoping that as time goes on, the internal anxiety I have because of the restrictions within our lives, can dissipate to a point of eventuality, rather than a daily activity.

I don’t know about you, but I feel covid has placed my life on hold, and that hold just seems a bit too much. Hopefully with these daily meditations, I can start back seeing a glimpse of my former self, prior to Covid. The someone, who felt purpose and drive.

Hopefully then, I can also start back updating this blog; maybe not daily but at least do better than a 6 month break, before a next post is made.

I hope all of you out there are holding it down, keeping physically and mentally strong. If the latter is becoming a challenge, then try out Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance.

Side note: Last time I only got up to day 4. Improvement is a positive thing.

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