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Jigsaw ending explained

I am a fan of the Saw franchise, and have seen all of the installments. The whole “live or die, make your choice” line, always gets to me because you know once that is said, all hell breaks loose. People tend to act their worst, when death is facing them. You always see someone acting manic, and doing the unthinkable in Saw movies and just know that if the shit hit the fan, some people will actually work against each other rather than with each other, to survive; that whole survival of the fittest.

Although this movie probably doesn’t need much explanation, I will just quickly explain what actually was happening throughout this movie. If you haven’t seen Jigsaw as yet, you’d probably want to close this blog and go check it out because it was a pretty good movie.

Basically everything we saw in this movie, from the victims starting out in a room with buckets over their heads, with a piece sawed out so they can see and a chain attached to a collar around their neck, to the whole game throughout the movie, was actually events that occurred before we were introduced to at least two Saw victims, who were found in that run down bathroom back in 2004. Apparently Jigsaw’s first game wasn’t what we saw in the first movie, but rather occurred way before then. It involved the junior doctor who made a mistake that prevented John Kramer from being diagnosed with brain cancer (mislabeling of the brain CT), much sooner and receiving therapy that would have most likely saved his life.

In the first Jigsaw game, John Kramer (Jigsaw) kidnapped a few people; a woman who lied about her husband suffocating their baby by accident, a young man who sold John Kramer’s nephew a faulty motorcycle that brakes were not working, which ended up killing Kramer’s nephew, a dude who back in the day when he was younger, lied about the accident that took his best friend’s and another dude’s life, removing all culpability from himself, a woman who was a petty thief and allowed a woman to die because she choose to run off, instead of providing her with her rescue inhaler and the junior doctor who made a mistake on John’s Kramers CT scans, that delayed his diagnosis of brain cancer until it was inoperable. From the story, Jigsaw actually felt bad for including the junior doctor in his game, when the whole issue was more or less, a mistake and not intentional.

So the victims we were witnessing being left at various places throughout the movie, were actually criminals who Detective Halloran allowed to be set free, in his own twisted way of justice. The two bodies we saw significantly decayed around the end of the movie, were actually the last 2 victims of Jigsaw in his first game who never made it out. Obviously Dr. Nelson, was that junior doctor who made the mistake with Kramer’s CT scan, and because he clearly was suffering a case of PTSD and as it was all a mistake, Kramer took him under his wing.

I know Saw movies are all about twists and I think this one has a good one, to say the least. The fact that we were seeing the first Jigsaw game, and nothing currently, was a little trippy.

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