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Gym Week 23 – Becoming Me Again

Last workout session, I didn’t do legs and this time around, it is the same thing. The reason for this is because now that my Family Medicine exam is literally around the corner and it is the last NBME that I have to do, the last exam between me and being a doctor, I decided that any extra time I have to be able to casually study, is a plus. I have enough time to workout my legs and even plan on doing a 4 week booster training for my legs, to help kick start some leg building, that involves training my legs 3 days a week. Yes, you heard right; 3 days a week! If there is anything that will definitely kick start more fat loss, is training my legs like a maniac. Also, the reason I am doing that is because I build my upper so much easier than my lower. Legs aren’t something I have genetically, so I have to work for them. So 4 weeks of pushing as hard as I can and then switching to a once or twice a week routine, should help. I will measure my thighs and basically log the changes, each week when I write my training logs.

Another thing I started to do in this workout session, was incorporate direct bicep workouts to assess my bicep tendon.

*Strength went up in the bold exercise.


– flat barbell bench press: 135 lbs x 12, 155 lbs x 8, 7
– incline db bench press: 22 kg x 14, 24 kg x 12, 26 kg x 10, 28 kg x 10
– db shoulder press: 16 kg x 20, 20 kg x 8, 22 kg x 10, 24 kg x 4
– db concentration curls: 8 kg x 12, 9 kg x 10, 10 kg x 10, 12 kg x 10
– db alternate bicep curls: 9 kg x 20, 10 kg x 16, 12 kg x 12, 14 kg x 10
– ez-bar curls: 15 lbs x 20, 12
– arnold press: 14 kg x 10, 16 kg x 10, 18 kg x 10
– decline smith machine bench press: 90 lbs x 12

The thing about this push and pull routine is that most push workouts are chest, and most pull are back. So it’s technically the same as any regular Chest/Back split, but didn’t focus too much on direct triceps or biceps training. So, the idea was to start back incorporate isolated biceps and triceps workouts, so that I can have some more directed gains when it comes to those individual groups.

Like I said, unfortunately these workouts were cut short because of my desire to study more. As next week is my exam, from that Friday, I will be working out consistently without interruption as I wouldn’t have anymore exams after that. Gotta stay focus, so I can make my gains! ?

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