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The Amazing Regurgitator – Hadji Ali

I am somewhat into certain interesting and odd things, and the talents of some people of the past, is definitely one of them. I can spend my time looking through the internet and reading up of the lives of these interesting people, who did extraordinary things; not for the sake of humanity but for entertainment.

Hadji Ali, is one of them. He’s a famous Regurgitator, that seemed to do something most of us, constantly try to prevent ourselves from doing or only do it when we’re extremely nauseous – regurgitation of swallowed contents. Not only regurgitating them, but sometimes in the order that he desired. One of his biggest performances, was swallowing fish bowls of water and kerosene; causing a major little fire show, which finally was outed by the remaining water in his stomach. Oil floats on waters, bitches 😛

Hadji Ali became an inspiration to a lot of our modern entertainers, most notably one of the most infamous illusionist of our time; David Blaine. Apparently, he himself, has practiced for years to follow in the footstep of Hadji Ali.

More can be learned about this enigma – specifically The Egyptian Enigma at The National.

Poster credit: By Anonymous artist at Adolph Friedländer’s press (Friedländer died in 1904). The press employed multiple artists but its posters were published by the company without individual artist credits – Poster from collection of Jaap Best at, Public Domain,

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