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My response to; “15 terrible performances that ruined movie franchises”

15 terrible performances that ruined movie franchises“, is a recent entry made by ScreenRant, and the title speaks for itself. I happen to frequent the website, just for updates on most of my liked pop entertainment news. I am a Marvel Universe fan, so all Marvel Universe news is a must read. While reading the article, I did have some disagreement with some of the opinions made by the author and felt, as I have my own blog, I could speak on those disagreements. In some ways, I actually don’t believe that the actors who played certain characters, ruined the franchise but contributed to the overall success of it.

Maybe the author used the phrase “ruined movie franchises”, as a form of hyperbole, but I still had disagreement with their criticism of some of the actors in these well known movies.

I will be commenting in the same chronological order as the article is written.

15. Jessica Alba: Fantastic Four


– This one I am in total agreement with. Even though the whole Fantastic Four movie in 2005, starring, of course; Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Chiklis, was actually a complete disaster, Jessica Alba played a huge role in that outcome. The comedic relief that was suppose to be played out by Chris Evans was mediocre at best, and the other actors were comedic in themselves, even when it wasn’t for said comedic relief. But Jessica Alba’s performance was, to say the least, the worst. Her acting was simply; horrible.

14. Bernard Hill – Lord of the rings (2002)


– To be honest, his role wasn’t so memorable; negative or positive, to be anything that could actually ruin a franchise. Also, I think we can all say, the franchise wasn’t affected at all seeing as the role he played was in the 2002 LOTRs, “The Two Towers”, and took in over $900 million in the box office, while the 3rd installment in 2003, the “Return of the King”; grossed over $1 billion in the box office.

13. Edward Norton – The Incredible Hulk


– This is another one of the opinions of the author of the article, that I also agree with. Norton’s, Hulk, is forgettable to say the least. It was simply mundane. I would say his Hulk did damage to the Hulk franchise that Marvel Studios probably wasn’t hoping for. In fact, they probably had big plans for the Hulk franchise, up till that point. But thankfully Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of the Hulk has revived life back into that hope.

12. Lee Pace – The Guardians of the Galaxy


– Thus far, this will be the 3rd agreement I have with the author. Lee Pace’s portrayal of Ronan the Abuser, was somewhat weak. It felt more like a broadway performance rather than a blockbuster on-screen performance. I have always felt unconvinced by Lee Pace’s performances in rough, tough movies. It doesn’t seem that convincing to me. But I cannot see how his performance ruined the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise? His performance was so weak, that it was overshadowed by the awesome acting of the other actors. So although I agree somewhat with the author’s opinion of Lee Pace’s performance, I don’t completely agree that it ruined the franchise at all.

11. Jennifer Lawrence – X-men: Days of Future Past


– Jennifer Lawrence is a pretty good actress and I think people are really hard on her, when it comes to playing the younger version of Mystique. I think she’s sensual, attractive, and comes across aggressive and heartless; the recipe for the perfect female villain. I believe she stood her ground in playing her character along side the other actors who have made the more recent X-men movies, ones to actually remember.

10. Orlando Bloom – Pirates of the Caribbean


– Strangely enough, I don’t have much to say about this one. I have to completely agree with the author with this one.

9. Natalie Portman – Thor: The Dark World


– As much as I love Natalie Portman, I would have to say that her role was something of a “blah”. Yes, I know “blah” isn’t really a word but it does convey how I felt about her as Thor’s love interest. She probably was only appropriate for that much, but nothing more. I can see her being necessary to play Dr. Foster but I could imagine many other talented actresses in the same role. But as her role wasn’t something to remember, it didn’t really do much to harm the Thor franchise. She didn’t contribute to it in any sort of way. She did not give or take from the franchise.

8. Mickey Rourke – Iron Man 2


– Another actor who played a role that could have gone to any other actor, preferably a more talented one. His Russian accent was pretty hilarious, to say the least and I have to agree with the author, that there wasn’t much of a character development for him. As for the overall movie, I think it, in itself wasn’t really a great movie. So although Mickey didn’t play his role that well, even an excellent portrayal wouldn’t have saved Iron Man 2, from being an alright movie. Although I’d have to say, Iron Man 3 was the worst of them all. So that’s something, right?

7. January Jones – X-men: First Class


– January Jones (which is a pretty cool name to have, especially if it’s your birth name and not one you make up just for Hollywood), played Emma Frost in X-men: first class and I honestly believe that her acting was on par with Harley Berry’s; nothing great at all. I wasn’t impressed by it, and honestly just felt that her character should have just been left out or if it was necessary for them to have the character in the movie, it just be played by someone else.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Batman & Robin


– This is one that I think the whole world will agree upon. Arnold isn’t really the best actor out there. He’s really good in hyper masculine, kill and destroy, type of movies and that’s why we’re okay with accepting him in continuations in the Terminator franchise, even when they have to age him just so he can be part of the movie. Otherwise, he should stay away from movies that require him to really get into a role and bring particular characters to life. It isn’t really that hard to have the accent he does and physique and play a “cybernetic organism”. So he’s really good at that but anything else? Not so much.

So I have gotten through 6 of the 15 and will continue with the rest another day. Felt it was getting pretty lengthy and I want to really give my full opinion, towards the other entries.

15 terrible performances continued

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