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CGI on Game of Thrones

I am not a game of thrones fan, one bit. I find nothing interesting about it, but it’s probably because dragon fantasy isn’t something that I find interesting; unless it is a talking sadistic dragon like in The Hobbit. But, I always find it interesting how TV series or movies, spice up the surroundings to add to the effect of the scene, that they need. Whether it is adding in people, or buildings, or even mountains (as you will see in this CGI – Game of Thrones video); it is bloody interesting. Kind of like how they show a person who clearly doesn’t have an amputated limb in real life, but they have it on TV; it is bloody interesting!

Also, the amount of CGI that Game Of Thrones have, outside of the obvious; the dragons, it is kind of interesting. Some of the things you would think they wouldn’t have had to CGI, they actually did. I guess it is easier to CGI mountains, than finding somewhere that looks like that and probably cost way less.

If you interested in checking out the 4 minute plus video, which you should be as I have used interesting or interest in some way or form because to be frank, it bloody is interesting, then click Read More.

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