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The very simple, debunking of a Roswell Alien

I am not going to hide the fact that I am an individual, that’s open to the idea that there is a high chance that we share this universe with other beings and beings that have the evolutionary abilities to travel from their planet/galaxy, to ours. Maybe I believe in the possibility, because as Jodie Foster said in Contact (1997); it would be such a waste of space. Imagine having this infinite amount of space called the universe, and we’re the only intelligent beings inhabiting a planet that is conducive to sustaining life. Just doesn’t make much sense.

I know a lot of people, sensible enough, would agree that the probability of other beings existing within our galaxy, is high but there’s also those who believe that although this possibility is high, that those beings having the ability to visit us is pretty low because of at least one reason; the speed of light. The length of time it would take for those beings to reach us, would take forever because light travels the fastest and anything with mass, would obviously travel much slower. I mean, I could always just be ridiculous and say, maybe time is irrelevant to these beings, but that’s not the point of this post and maybe something I will explore later on 😛

The depiction of a Grey; the typical description of an extraterrestrial

With my interest in the unknown, the existence of aliens, is clearly part of that, as I have stated before. With that being said, we all know about the Roswell story; where a supposed alien aircraft crash landed in 1947 in Roswell, and it was all covered up by the government. There’s always been some report of individuals with pictures of those aliens and the debris and other reports about how the autopsy of one of the aliens was faked. Either way, the Roswell incident, is well known. I mean they even had a series called Roswell based on the concept of hybrid beings, that showed from 1999 to 2002.

The above images are all from the original autopsy video of one of the alleged aliens that died in the crash, in Roswell in 1947.

Now, those images are the popular Roswell associated images. Most people who are aware of the Roswell incident, have seen these images before. But the story of the mistaken mummified 2 year old boy, for one of the Roswell aliens, isn’t that known. In fact, this may actually be the first time you’ve actually heard about other images of the Roswell incident, circulating the UFO world. Unfortunately for all those involved, a 3 year investigation came to an abrupt and embarrassing end when the Roswell Slides Research Group, named after the fact the images were titled the “Roswell Slides”, did what the original investigators were suppose to have done immediately when they got their hands on the image; enhance it so that the placard accompanying the body, was readable. It is sad that an easily, accessible software was used to enhance the image and bring to light the words; “MUMMY OF TWO YEAR OLD CHILD”.

Roswell Slides: Mummified 2 year old

I mean, just looking at the picture, one doesn’t seem to quickly jump to “alien”, but it seems when we have a preconceived idea and a seed has already been implanted into our heads, that the only direction the investigation could have gone, was down the path that supported the idea that this was in fact a genuine picture of one of the aliens from the Roswell crash, rather than just a display of some human remains in some museum, taken a very long time ago.

You could just imagine how disappointing it was, after 3 years of trying to find out if this image was of an alien, for another group to sweep in and debunk what you’ve been working on for 3 years, in a few days. It’s also easy to imagine how blame was passed around, once this happened.

But if after all this you’re interested in reading the shameful story about how this image came to be and how the conclusion that it was in fact human remains and not of an alien, developed; then check out the Guardian article: The curious case of the alien in the photo
and the mystery that took years to solve
. To say it’s an interesting read for UFO/aliens lovers, is an understatement 🙂

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