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Aliens in Ancient Artwork

Everyone has to have a hobby, something that peaks their interest, or life can become a bit boring. Clearly I like bodybuilding, and binging on netflix movies. But sometimes, there are other things that peak my interest, like criminal psychology (frequented Crime Library a lot when it was up and running) and other worldly things; think UFOs, anything that goes bump in the night (supernatural phenomenons), etc.

Naturally, any article that points towards evidence of ancient aliens or even current news about UFOs, I tend to rush towards those and read them with heightened enthusiasm. I mean, we all want to know if the universe we live in, is occupied by other beings that actually have the ability to travel from their planet to others. I mean, the best thing about the movie Contact, was the idea that if there weren’t other beings in the universe, it would be such a waste of space. In fact, it makes much more sense that there are other beings living on other planets in the universe, than we are the only living beings to reside in this massive universe. Also, if they say that the universe is continuing to expand, then there’s even more wasted space being developed! ?

So while reading up on some alien stuff, as I do, I came across a page I had seen before but decided I wanted to put my own input into what I thought about those “evidence”, of ancient artworks including drawings of aliens or UFOs. The page I am referring to is UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History, just in case you wanted to see more images of other beings in artwork of the past.

Apparently, the above image is of some “reptilian” figurines found in Iraq that date back to 5000 to 4500 B.C. But, to me personally, seeing as how ancient civilizations tend to always portray other worldly beings (read that as gods), with animal heads; think Horus, the hawk-like humanoid god, who is the son of Osiris, in ancient Egypt, then maybe these figurines are like Horus. I think these “reptilian” figurines are probably just the representation of some ancient gods. But that’s just my own opinion.

Above is the Lolladoff plate found in Nepal, dated to about 7000 BC. As you can see, there’s a disc like structure at the center, with these spiraling pattern, with a lone being that does really resemble our idea of the greys – the most common depiction of aliens, but it’s still food for thought about any “greys” see in ancient artwork.

Apparently, as a quick side note, the earliest we can pinpoint the origin of this current concept of aliens is back in the 1893. Now that’s not concrete evidence to sway the argument against or for the existence of aliens.

But back to the Lolladoff plate – as you can see the center disc has spikes coming out of it. What does this remind you of? I know as a kid and probably nowadays, there’s one particular thing that I draw as a circle with spikes coming out of it; the sun! If you were to google kids drawings of the sun, you’d see what I am talking about. So maybe, just maybe this nepal finding is just a plate with the sun on it and the grey? Well, that’s just like me drawing a human with my very poor drawing skills.

Okay, so this one has me stumped. This is the UFO figurine that was found in Kiev, dated 4,000 BC. That definitely does look like a space suit and if not a space suit, then a deep sea diving suit; at least the old ones. So either way, wtf? ?

So this one is dated back to 7,000 BC and found in Mexico back in 1966. This one isn’t that convincing, as it yet again just looks like the sun, depicted shining upon the individuals below it. Seeing as the sun used to be seen as a god and worshiped as one by ancient civilizations, it wouldn’t be surprising that they immortalized this in their art work. p

This one literally just looks like some eskimos keeping warm. Only thing is that these were found in Ecuador. Other figurines that were found in Ecuador, provide a little more detail, and it just proves that these were probably elaborate outfits, rather than anything else. Maybe warn by the nobles of the tribes?

More Ecuador Space Suits

An article over at blog post, “Ahhh, The Old Ancient Space Suit Trick“, does a very good job at “debunking” these space suits in ancient artwork.

This is a painting from the 15th century, apparently. Although other sources says it’s from a french book called “Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs” by Jacques Legrand, back in 1338. The big round object, that’s suppose to be the UFO, apparently resembles a balloon but there were no balloons in the 14th century, hence it’s an unidenfied flying object (UFO), but I am not sure that automatically makes it an alien UFO.

Although when you get a full view of the image, rather than a cropped one focusing just on the obvious big object in the sky, you realize that maybe what we’re thinking, isn’t worth thinking at all. In fact, there’s clearly some abstract thinking used to create this painting. Because at the end of the day, none of us stand in the sky and peer down at those around us. Also, there’s more going on in that picture, than the big round object. I would think a depiction of a UFO back in the 14th century, would illicit a little more reactions from the viewers in the painting, than they all staring and talking to this one lady. There’s clearly more going on in this picture, that we’re not privy to and I don’t think it involves aliens.

So, I am going to stop there because there’s literally 100s of different artwork from the old days, that portray some form of alien or UFO, that it’s impossible to list them all. If you are interested in looking and reading up on the others, you can click the relevant links below.


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The best place to find a huge list of different articles on this subject is over at pinterest: Pinterest: UFOs and Ancient Art

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