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Experience: 1600 calories, low carb diet

So one of the things I wanted to do, while on this diet, is document it. Last time I was on a low carbohydrate diet, I felt miserable and lethargic. So much so, I stopped it immediately. My eyes had looked sunken in and everything. I couldn’t handle it.

As a recap, my caloric intake is obviously 1600 calories. By calculating how much I needed to consume to lose weight, with a basic 5 days a week workout regimen, it was around 1700 calories. I am about 100 calories below that, so I should be seeing a nice drop in body fat, once I keep working out in the same intensity and pushing the same weight or even more weight, with increased reps etc.

I thought I would be very exhausted from the diet but I am not. That was my greatest fear because as a medical student, and currently working on the Acute Medicine Unit, I need to be focused and on point because I am basically doing junior doctors works; working on discharge forms, entering in prescriptions with the doctors signatures of course, chasing labs, medical team reviews, etc. All the non-glamorous stuff that people don’t see, after the doctor has done seeing them on the ward. All the things that need to be done, so that said patient can get all their needed investigations done, in time and get on home all in a timely manner. Strangely enough, I haven’t felt lethargic at all. If I do feel lethargic, it’d be most likely from mild dehydration due to the unrelenting heat that’s the UK weather right now.

What I am coming to terms with is just consuming 1600 calories. Going from 1800 calories to 200 calories less, is something to get used to. Thankfully as I start eating at around 12-1ish, for lunch time, it isn’t so bad. Also, I have been drinking black coffee in during the times I am waiting to have my next meal, especially if I feel very hungry. When I am on the wards, I am not even focused on being hungry, as I have so many things to do. For example, I had lunch at around 2:30 pm today, and it wasn’t much but a tuna sandwich (whatever the cafeteria had). This reduced how much I ate at work, so this increased the amount I can eat at home.

To help me keep track of my macros, I am using my fitness pal, which is pretty good and on point. I have also decided I am going to purchase a food scale, to be more precise with my food intake. When I made the most of my gains, it was when I was weighing my food with a scale, measuring my portions with measuring cups and logging it in a caloric counter online. I am not sure how long it will take for me to get where I want to be, but I will definitely highlight it on my blog, when something noticeable and appreciable occurs.

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