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Getting back into shape: Week 1

Today was my 5th day back in the gym. It also happened to be the infamous leg day. I haven’t worked out legs in months, because 1) I have a huge butt and it just made it even worst 2) My legs were growing so fast, it became a hassle constantly having to purchase new pants (the worst thing is having to say good bye to your favorite shorts that were so awesome because you made gains on your legs!) and 3) I honestly hated training my legs.

This week, was all a reintroduction into weight lifting. Actually, this whole month, is to focus on form. I have always been an advocate about proper form, when working out. It helps reduce injuries and maximize gains. Obviously if you are a massive mofo, you may want to do some forced or cheat reps, to get that extra boast, but for the rest of us, it isn’t even necessary. In fact, using cheat reps and cheat sets, can actually lead to injury and the fact I already have a busted shoulder that has only recently stopped hurting, and had experience with tendonitis, there is no reason for me to do anything but utilize proper form. My goal is to only increase the weight with 10 reps, when it becomes relatively easy for that particular weight. I will always end my last set, once that happens, with the max amount of reps I can do, with perfect form. I have realized in my years of training, that when you perform and execution an exercise, where full relaxation and contraction of the muscles are done, you have really yielding the most gains from your sessions.

I was able to accomplish hitting each body part once for the week. This stays true until I feel as if I have regained my confidence in training, and that my endurance is back up. Monday was biceps with some shoulders, Tuesday was Triceps with some shoulders, Wednesday was chest, Thursday was back and today was legs. I tend to divide my shoulder workout into various days, as I don’t see the reason to hit all the heads of my deltoid muscle in one work out. Seeing as the rotator cuff is such a fragile structure, I rather not put too much strain on it. A lot of people put shoulder day with leg, but for maximum power in the least amount of time, my leg day needs to stay on its’ own.

I know for sure, I will be feeling pain tomorrow morning, from training legs today. I basically focused on hitting each muscle group via: squats, leg extensions, leg curls, leg press and calf raises. I have also noticed that the exercises that I used to be very powerful in, like pull ups and dips, I have become an amateur in. I know for pull ups, it was my development in lifting heavy in lat pull downs, that introduced me to being able to do some serious well formed, pull ups with ease. The same thing is with dips, as my triceps push downs increased, so did my ability to do powerful dips. It’s disappointing that I am back to amateur levels and as I am 171 lbs, it has just made it harder even though it has been the heaviest that I have ever been in my life. This though is another obstacle I will overcome and is part of my overall goal; getting back to that point of doing regular pull ups and dips, in my workout routines.

Now, as for dieting. I only plan to consume 1900 calories overall. The idea is to fluctuate in high carbs, high proteins and high fats. Seeing as right now losing body fat is on the menu, I am deciding on finding snacks that help me increase my protein intake, and keep my carbohydrates moderate. This will obviously minimize my fat gains, even when I start building back my muscles.

Overall, I want to gain back my solid look, with reduced fat and more definition. This will easily come once I have reduced my body fat in the time I am training to get back my endurance and form, and when I gain extra muscle mass.

I will put up some core shots tomorrow, as I’d prefer to take the before pictures on an empty stomach but divide. I will be dividing up the body parts; so legs “before” shot, and a stomach “before” shot. Also then an upper body, in a tank that is my favorite and it will basically will give you an idea of the changes made throughout the 5 months. My schedule on training may change, or intensity in the gym will have to go up, to optimize time as I still have to study and do everything else my life demands of me. As this blog is also chronicling my life in med school, these demands will be very apparent to anyone who actively follows my blog.

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