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Previously I wrote about an online ordering food service called Just Eat, and how it has literally expanded my dining options since I have moved to the UK. It also helped me with getting food when I traveled outside of my place of residence. The fact that you can choose restaurants that are available to deliver straight to your door, especially for someone who doesn’t have a car, is priceless.

As awesome as Just Eat is, it does have some limitations and that’s just basically on what restaurants uses its’ services. I am not going to complain but after a while, as humans, we get into a pattern, even when it comes to where we get our food. Also, some of the restaurants unfortunately in my neighborhood or close to it (in delivery distance), had awful reviews and that narrowed down my options significantly. I was basically forced to choose amongst; pizza, chinese food or burgers. As lovely as all three of those options are, it can become very tedious. Also, yet again, when the ratings for alternative restaurants within those categories are pretty low, you’re basically getting your pizza, chinese food or burgers from only specific restaurants. I have had the unfortunate experience of verging off my comfort zone and purchasing from a different restaurant than I am accustomed to, and got some horrendous food, even when customers gave them excellent ratings. So at the end of the day, it all depended on what restaurants provided me with the best meals, and forgetting about ratings all together (except for the ones that obviously have very low ratings, I choose to trust those customers 😂).

The way Deliveroo works, is that there are delivery drivers that work with the company. They are obviously linked up with various restaurants that would love to provide their customers with delivery options, and literally go and pick up the food for you.

With Deliveroo, I now have other restaurants that I can choose from; fish and chips style foods, elegant pasta meals, and even KFC (my go to comfort food), just to name a few! Unfortunately for me, at the moment, there’s only about 9 to 12 active restaurants that will deliver to my zip code. This is significantly less than Just Eat, but it does allow me to choose from some of the restaurants around my neighborhood, that I would love to be able to be at home and get their food delivered to me.

The only downside, aside from the fact that I am from an area that’s not as lively as say London and hence the downside has more to do with location than their services, is that they only allow payment with cards. Just Eat, has a wider range of payment option, which also includes cash. This card only option may be due to the fact that you are paying the restaurant direct and Deliveroo provides the delivering services for the restaurant and once the driver leaves your house, he doesn’t return to said restaurant. Obviously with Just Eat, everything is done directly with the restaurant; ordering and delivery of the food. Despite that obvious reason, I find a wider range of payment option, to be very convenient, especially when I haven’t transferred money into my UK account and still would like to get food delivery.

The food is also delivered very quickly, and that may just be because Deliveroo focuses on restaurants that are very close to you or it could just be that once a driver is available your order is processed immediately; hence time from ordering to delivery, will always be short. Either way, you get your food on time and it’s always hot.

So Deliveroo is just another alternative method of getting your favorite restaurants food delivered to your door, even when that particular restaurant doesn’t offer delivery on their own. I say this because the only reason I found out about Deliveroo was because I actually saw a driver picking up food from my local KFC and clearly heading out to deliver it. Unfortunately for me, my local KFC doesn’t offer delivery outside of Deliveroo, so without that company, I wouldn’t be getting my favorite chicken and chips provider delivered to my address.

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