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Inspirational Videos / Stories – Woman with no limbs

A lot of us take waking up for granted. We let people disrupt our mental flow, and act like emotional vampires, depleting us of enjoyment for life. The fact that we’re allowing petty things to run our lives, and ruin our days, is pathetic. Of course there are those who are genuinely suffering and this post isn’t related or in reference to them. This is for the people who do not have a chemical imbalance, but those people who dwell over a friend not liking them anymore, or a lover breaking up with them, or they didn’t do so well on an exam and have to either re-do it, or re-do a subject, or a semester, or whatever. Just basically; shit happens – life.

I write all of that because sometimes, we need to see people who are living lives that we would never fathom being livable, and yet they are doing it awesomely and trying to be positive every single day. Some of us just have bad days, because we are humans. We feel doomed on those days, and just wish we could just curl up in a ball and remain in bed all day. But then there’s those people who are living a life that’s highly demanding of them every single day; whether it be living with an incurable genetic disease that is exhaustively painful, experiencing a very near-death incident that has left them disfigured or what have you.

Encourage – Inspire

At the end of the day, they are inspirational and because they are inspirational, they put our lives, the lives that isn’t really that bad after all, into perspective. It allows us to appreciate the little or the “lot” that we have.

So I am going to be posting inspirational stories as I come across them and hope that someone, somewhere sees it and is inspired to live their life to the fullest! To not let the unfortunate circumstance of the day, or of the week or the month or even the year, dictate where their life goes.

I wouldn’t give away what this young lady suffered from, to end up with no limbs. But if you’re a medical student, you would be able to pick up what happened to her way before she says it. I had my differentials and my number one was correct. I was able to figure out by the vague symptoms she spoke about, even from early on in the video, what caused her to lose her limbs and be scarred like that for life. But her story is inspirational, and the fact she’s that bubbly, even though something like that happened to her. Of course she must have her bad days like everyone, but her story just shows that you need to be positive no matter what. If you want to enjoy life, it is a must.

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