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Choosing the right cardio – P90x Kenpo – Day 1

Choosing a cardio workout for yourself is very important because it will establish a discipline towards that workout session, rather than something you dread not because of the exhaustion but because it doesn’t provide you with the thrill that working out, should. It is kind of like if you’re not interested in aerobic exercises but spin classes peak your interest because you like cycling or circuit training seems fun because you love weight lifting.

For me, HIIT is a fun cardio session but the recent HIIT video that I included in my blog, wasn’t really doing it for me; interest wise. I am sure if I had kept to it I would be seeing more changes to my body, but to be honest I need to enjoy my workout session so that I can go back to it the following week.

Also, even though diet on its’ own or exercise on its’ own is enough to allow for weight loss, combining the two optimizes the amount of weight you can lose; so I needed to find myself my niche when it came to the cardio that I wanted to use to help me get to my goal along with diet and weight training.

That need is what reminded me of kickboxing. I didn’t do it per say but I did enjoy doing P90X – Kenpo and loss a lot of weight doing that. I loved throwing the punches, and the kicks. Even better, is the initial warm up/stretch session that’s for about 11 minutes. It’s perfect for getting back my flexibility and not stumbling is a plus. A year back, when I decided I wanted and needed to lose some medical school weight, I put on my Kenpo video and tried doing the stretching. It was a disaster. I was falling all over the place. This time around, maybe because I have been weight lifting for about 7 weeks now, I didn’t stumble once. I did all the stretches properly, and balanced myself perfectly with the little pretzel looking poses.

As for how well I did with the cardio part? I did about 15 minutes. Which I decided would be my maximum go for today and the next session (I plan to do this cardio twice a week), I will try to increase it a little more until I have completed the whole video.

But the biggest thing I got from this cardio session wasn’t the increase in heart rate and the sweating, but the enjoyment. I enjoyed doing this cardio session and I’d rather for 45 minutes to an hour of this, than 10 minutes of the HIIT session.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight, like myself and need to find a cardio workout. Find one that you enjoy. Don’t just do it because it needs to be done, doing it because you enjoy it. Best thing is doing something you enjoy and benefiting from it at the same time 🙂

Let the fat loss begin! 😛

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