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10 Minute HIIT – Day 1

I just got done doing my 10 minute HIIT session that I found on Youtube. I wanted something that allowed me to burn the most amount of energy, in the least amount of time so that I could find the time to actually do it. To be frank, I was actually very afraid to do this HIIT session because it requires a lot of endurance and it generally is a whole body workout when you’re done with it. Being as it may, it is the best HIIT session I have ever done because I can really admit, that it seriously kicked my ass. I know it’s mainly because I am very unfit right now, but I know that it can really get me back into shape, and help me lose as much fat as fast as possible.

I am going to admit that I did feel like throwing up not too far down into the workout and actually couldn’t go more than the 8th workout. I seriously started feeling like gagging, my head started to hurt and it just felt like I was going to kilt over and die lol. So that’s how unfit I am, and it is very shameful for me to admit that, but it is the truth.

This 10 minute HIIT session, is a must do if you’re looking to up your current fitness regimen, or looking for something that you can do, that will help you lose body fat as fast as possible. HIIT sessions have always been my go to, for reducing body fat and keeping in a nice metabolic state days beyond the workout.

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