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Gym Week 20 – Becoming Me Again

It’s been over 4 months since I have started back lifting weights and trying to get back to that person I was, prior to entering medical school. Fitness was something I was very proud of, and my dedication to it, showed through my physique. As second year of medical school rolled around, I had to make a personal decision; succeed in medical school, or keep my physique. Unfortunately, I had to pick the former, as there wasn’t enough time on my day to really focus 100% into training, like I used to. Also, medical school was a whole new ball park for me, so I didn’t want to jeopardize my grades, because I wanted to lift some weights. To me, it was a reasonable sacrifice, for a rewarding career that I would, basically, for the remainder of my adult life. I could always get back that physique, but time was basically running out on getting myself a stable and satisfying education/career.

Due to that, I lost a lot of my muscle mass, and replaced that with a soft, squashy body that was more body fat, rather than muscle tone. So, getting back into the groove of things, were very difficult because my diet was bad, I haven’t done training in a long time so my endurance was reduced and trying to incorporate that into a 8-4, or 9-5 day, was something new.

I haven’t reached my goal point, but I am losing body fat, gaining muscle and strength, steadily. But I am not 100% satisfied with where I am. Even though I have made changes, I feel as if I could have made better changes. I feel like that, because I have done it before. I made some impressive changes in a 4 month period, losing the body fat I needed and toning up my body in the way I wanted. That was all because I did hour long cardio, with a sprinkle of high intensity interval training and my weight training. My activity level was very high. Right now, my main activity level is my 3 days of training. This has to change, and although this entry is suppose to be about my current routine, changing from a regular old fashion one body group trained today and another trained tomorrow, to a Push-Pull-Leg routine, I needed to speak on the fact I am going to try my best to add at least 30-40-60 minute cardio session a week, to jump start some more fat loss.

I have been doing the 10 minute HIIT, but not as often as I would. That’s because my joints have been paining me more than ever. I have to allow my joint pain to be alleviated before I engage in any other activity that may irritate them.

Also, to the reason for this post; after all this long winded information that I am sure no one is reading lol. I have started a push pull leg routine, because of my tendonitis. This will allow me to keep pushing myself and lifting, but not directly put any strain on my bicep tendon. Hopefully as it heals, I can still progress in the gym, until I can return to direct bicep training.


– flat barbell bench press: 135 lbs x 12, 155 lbs x 10, 165lbs x 4, 6
– incline db bench press: 20 kg x 20, 22 kg x 12, 24 kg x 10, 28 kg x 4
– db shoulder press: 16 kg x 12, 18 kg x 10, 20 kg x 10, 22 kg x 10, 24 kg x 4
– underhand triceps push downs: 10 kg x 20, 12.5 kg x 12, 17.5 kg x 12, 22.5 kg x 10
– skull crushers: 5 kg x 12, 10 kg x 10, 12.5 kg x 10, 15 kg x 10
– behind back alternate triceps push downs (as if doing dips, alternating hands): 5 kg x 20, 12.5 lg x 10, 17.5 kg x 10
– arnold presses: 14 kg x 10, 16 kg x 10, 18 kg x 8


– deadlifts: 135 lbs x 15, 155 lbs x 10, 175 lbs x 4, 200 lbs x 3
– underhand pull downs: 40 kg x 12, 45 kg x 12, 50 kg x 10, 55 kg x 7
– rope hammer curls: 7.5 kg x 20, 10 kg x 15, 12.5 kg x 12, 15 kg x 10
– pendlay rows: 70 lbs x 15, 90 lbs x 10, 110 lbs x 8
– wide grip cable rows: 15 kg x 20, 20 kg x 20, 25 kg x 20, 30 kg x 10
– wide grip upright rows: 10 kg x 20, 12.5 kg x 20, 15 kg x 20
– trap bar deadlifts: 135 lbs x 20, 175 lbs x 10, 220 lbs x 4

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