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Dark – Netflix Original Series – Season 2 Review

Dark Season 2, has premiered on Netflix and oh man, it is the second season we were desperately waiting for. It explains so much and does more “mind blown”, explanations and “wtfs”, along the way. Unfortunately, it is only 8 episodes this time, and the finale ended with a bang. It literally just opened up a pandora’s box of more questions.

Some of the explanations from other websites, on Season 1, were spot on but I doubt anyone would have been able to figure out the mystery that was revealed in Season 2. One of my biggest questions in season 1, was how did Helge, who got transported to the 80s, end up being around the same age as Claudia. Remember Claudia is Regina’s mother, and when she got the new promotion, Helge gave her a special present. The fact they grew up together, made it a little confusing on how Helge in the 1980s, could end up being the same age as Claudia. One article got it pretty spot on, on that explanation and it was revealed on Season 2. I am sure most people figured it out, but I rather let season 2, answer it for you.

I am so excited for the direction of this series. It is one of Netflix’s best written and produced original series. Each episode is like a snippet of a perfectly executed thriller with a little dash of suspense.

I was hoping that Season 2 would have answered more questions but I guess with a series about time travel; they have to leave some of mystery for a Season 3; which they definitely need to have! And if you thought that Mikkel being Jonas’ dad was a mind blown reveal, you’re in for a hell of a ride for Season’s 2 reveals.

Obviously after the ending in Season 2, I had to immediately search up what Netflix’s plans were, for a third season. I mean it was disappointing that this season only had 8 episodes, as I have a full appetite for 2 more episodes. Unfortunately that’s not happening, so onto the next thing; finding out what’s happening with Season 3, and when will I get my fix for Dark and all the questions I now have!

So apparently, Netflix loves mini series and Dark is no exception. We have the final season of Stranger Things premiering on July 4th; making it only 3 seasons for that exceptional, Goonie-like, Netflix original series. As for Dark, season 3 will also be the finale. Which I am okay with because a story like this, needs an end and I wouldn’t want them dragging on this time travel, time loop, interconnected-whatevers, for too long. Eventually that mystery would wear out.

Although Season 3, has two thumbs up when it comes to production, we unfortunately will not get it until next year. As is expected but pretty disappointing yet again, as they could have at least given us 10 episodes, with a little hint on what to expect in Season 3. With the cliffhanger that was the Season 2 finale, we have an idea of the direction the show is going to go, but based on how crazy this series is, anything we think of, is just going to be best guess and nothing more.

If you’re interested in reading up a little bit more on Season 3, etc.; then check out Den of Geek.

Nevertheless, with the feeling of emptiness that is the result of the Season 2 finale and just wanting more; I am going to say that Dark is the Netflix series we never asked for, but definitely needed!

Check out Dark Season 2 now, on Netflix!

Update: Spoilers!!! Reddit Dark Season 2 thread (don’t visit if you haven’t seen Season 2!!)

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