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So, I am going on vacation in a few days and I am just enjoying what time I have in Poole, Dorset, before I leave. That includes ordering food from Deliveroo’s partnered restaurants. One of those restaurants recently added, is Harlees.

Recently I have been feeling for some fish and chips, type of take away but unfortunately none of the restaurants that I frequent, delivered. It was as if Harlees was an answer to my prayers ?. You know when you just want some Panko coated squid with fries and nothing else will suffice? That’s the feeling I had last night and decided to take a chance with Harlees.

I ordered the Panko coated squid meal (6 pieces), with an order of regular size fries and got my mom the sea basket meal, with an order of regular size fries. Everything came up to a little over £14 without delivery, which is about standard £2.50 by deliveroo.

When I say the portion size for this restaurant is crazy, it’s an understatement. When it came, and I saw the box sizes, I was completely blown away. The amount of fries I got for a “regular” size choice, for £2, was ridiculous.

The food was delivered on time, was hot on delivery and tasted awesome! I will definitely be purchasing from Harlees again.

So if you’re looking for an awesome fish and chips restaurant and you’re in the Poole Dorset area, check out Harlees at 5 The Quay, Bournemouth, BH151HJ.

*The banner is the actual picture of my meal. I know it looks like I took the picture with a potato, but in fact it was a modified potato that takes pictures! ? So I apologize for the quality of the picture.

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