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Glitch – Season 3 – Everything you need to know

I already mentioned before that Glitch , has been renewed for a 3rd season and currently production is underway. Unfortunately, it seems like the 3rd season is the final season, and the final chapter to this story.

If you don’t already know what Glitch is about; it is an Australian TV series with the paranormal/sci-fi genre, dealing with the undead. Unlike “The Walking Dead“, which is literally about zombies, these undead are anything like that. In fact, they look nothing like zombies and look more like the resurrected. In the first episode, we are introduced to 6 characters, who suddenly crawl out of their graves, without any memory of who they are and how they died. Eventually in a series of flash backs, we get the background stories for all of them. Not only that, but we also find out that there are other risen individuals, who aren’t like the rest. In fact, they have died but immediately are brought back to life and their only purpose, is to kill those who have risen from the graves. Who those newly risen are, and why they are trying to kill the resurrected, isn’t fully explained in the first 2 seasons but we get enough to realize that the resurrected are basically an abomination to the order of things; we are born, we live and then we die. That’s the rightful order of things.

At the end of season 2, we were left with a couple of questions. Who is William Blackburn? Who is Dr. Mckeller? What is the connection between both of them? How is it that Dr. Mckeller was able to spontaneously resurrect but everyone else required some form of external intervention? Why is it the other resurrected who aren’t of the original batch that crawled out of their graves in the cemetery, able to resurrect? Why is the barrier an issue in the first place for the original risen but not for Dr. Mckeller? Is Dr. Mckeller sort of like Phil, Sarah and Vic, but has a little more free will, like exhibited by Sarah coming down to the end of episode 12? Of course there’s even more questions but this blog entry isn’t about that, now is it? It’s about what we are to expect in season 3.

Well, there’s not much being told about what’s coming in season 3, other than the barrier has been removed and the resurrected would be able to travel beyond Yoorana. What kind of implications would this have? It should make for a very interesting 6 episodes. Also, being that this is the final season and chapter for this series, hopefully everything we’ve been asking, will be answered in some form of the other.

Whatever it is to come in Season 3, I definitely cannot wait!

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