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Harvey Weinstein Caught On Tape

Everyone is familiar with the sexual harassment allegations that have been made against film producer Harvey Weinstein. Apparently there’s over 80 women who have made complaints over decades, about the inappropriate behavior demonstrated by Weinstein. Not only has he been doing this over decades, it seems that a lot of people in Hollywood were very much aware of it and did absolutely nothing to stop him. Some of his victims are household names like Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Ashley Judd and Kate Beckinsale; to name a few.

Since other news have come to slightly overshadow this scandal; like the happenings of the White House staff members, not much is heard about the Weinstein issue. Yes, the LAPD are continuing to investigate and send cases over to the District Attorney’s office, but it is no longer at the fore front of news reports. So because of that, Google has become a cornerstone for acquiring everything Weinstein and keeping updated. With that being said, I came across a Buzz Feed article that provided personal accusations by some of his victims and stumbled upon a New Yorker video, that actually provides audible proof of the depravity that is Harvey Weinstein’s attempts to get a woman to come into his hotel room.

At times during reading the Buzz Feed article, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that someone could be so disgusting and disrespectful with how they behave towards women. The fact that he thinks he can do whatever he wants with these women, even forcing himself on them or threatening to destroy their careers even before it has even started, is just mind blowing. I honestly do hope something comes out of the LADP investigations and the cases they have provided to the District Attorney’s office. He needs to be punished for his disgusting behavior, as many of them are without a doubt; criminal.

The recording that New Yorker possessed and posted online, involves a woman named Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, who met Weinstein at a reception of a show he was producing and invited her to a viewing of Finding Neverland on Broadway. This was after he groped her breast, and tried to fondle her under her skirt. Declining his offer, she immediately decided to go and report the incident to the NYPD, where while making the report, Weinstein calls her and the NYPD encouraged her to go to the Broadway show the next day, and wear a wire. It is then where we get to actually hear Weinstein in his predatory manner, plead with Qutierrez to go to his room. Weinstein is so obnoxious that he’s heard asking her to not embarrass him and she’s making a scene, when he’s clearly being very inappropriate and her making a scene is called for. The nerve of this fat pig.

Anyways, before I go on a rant on what I actually think about this fat tard named Weinstein, you can check out the video audio via clicking on this link.

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