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Annabelle Doll –

One of my favorite genre of movies, is horror. I am not a comedy fan, or drama, but an action or horror movie will always be the first choices for me, for my movie going experience. Child’s Play, hellraiser, Pumpkinhead, are some of my favorite horror movies. Although they all share the 80s era connection, the newer horror classics like Annabelle, The Conjuring and Jeeper Creepers, are a few of my current favorites. Because of that, I have a longing desire to collect replicas of these movies.

With that desire, I am starting to make a list and eventually, I will indulge in my hobby and start collecting tid bits of my favorite horror movies and even action movies. I used to have an obsessive desire to purchase Coca Cola collectibles, and I can see myself becoming a huge fanatic in the horror and action movie collectible madness 🙂

If you’re a collector like myself, or a desired one then you can get your own Annabelle replica at

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