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Gym Week 6 – Becoming me again

So as the fat melts off and my strength goes up; the endurance with walking up stairs and just walking/power walking in general, is improving. I used to actually have some difficulties and exhaustion walking up the flights of stairs at my hospital and now it isn’t too bad at all. I also used to have exhaustion from walking fast around the neighborhood when I am heading back home and that’s reduced significantly. Also the pain in my knees, which was the initial reason I started back working out so my supportive muscles (e.g: quads), would develop to help support my weight. I also basically stopped drinking sodas, and only choose sugar free sodas. If I were to eat like a pizza or fast food, I will tend drink a sugar soda, but otherwise my main fluid intake is either water, juice or sugar free drinks.

I have also noticed that my strength is going up and next week, I can go up with certain exercises by 5 lbs.

– Barbell flat bench press: 135 x 6 (went up by 1 rep here)
– Plated chest press: 140 x 4
– Close grip db bench press (with one db): 50 lbs x 10

– Lat pull down: 100 lbs x 10 (I can start going up in weight with this exercise)
– Close grip lat pull down: 100 lbs x 10 (I can start going up in weight with this exercise)
– EZ-bar bent over rows: 135 x 10

– Alternate db biceps curls: 35 x 6
– Hammer curls: 35 x 8
– Seated alternate db bicep curls: 25 x 10

– One arm angled machine triceps extension: 15 x 10
– Behind head machine triceps extension: 45 x 10
– Behind head one arm db triceps extension: 25 x 6

– Leg extensions: 90 x 10
– Leg curls: 70 x 8
– Squats: 135 x 9 (I made it to 9 reps. 1 more rep next week to 10 and I will add 5 lbs and start going up steadily!)
– T-bar deadlifts: 135 x 10
– Barbell Deadlifts: 135 x 10 and 180 x 1. (I could have done more with 180, but I am not trying to get hurt before my training even really started.)

– DB overhead press: 40 x 10 ( I am hoping to go up to 45 lbs next week)

I am proud of my rep and weight increases in some of my exercises. I am getting stronger as the day moves on and I am hoping with more time, I can be as strong as I was pre-medical school fatness 😛

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