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Having To Stop Direct Bicep Training

So, today I did chest and biceps, and at the end of my leg day, I will post my lifts as usual. But recently I have been nursing a distal bicep tendonitis flare up, on my left side. I developed severe distal bicep tendonitis on it, a long time ago and had to stop lifting for weeks or performing any direct bicep workouts, to help it heal. After doing research, I realized it was preacher curls that were the main culprit for the tendonitis and I scratched the exercise from my training and went for high cable upper double bicep curls, instead. This helped to achieve the same effect as I wanted and would have gotten from preach curls, without putting my bicep tendon at risk of “re-inflammation”.

Sadly though, after a long time of not lifting heavy, and focusing on my studies in medical school, I obviously had no issues with bicep tendonitis but that has changed. Unfortunately, since I have started back training with increased intensity, I started incorporating preacher curls in an attempt to get my left bicep peak a little more symmetrical (as much as anatomically possible), to my right side. Even if it was just a slight increase in the peak that’s basically non-existent on my left bicep, it would have been improvement enough for me.

Unfortunately, those preacher curls, seemed to have caused my left distal bicep tendon to become inflamed again. I have been following the advice of icing it, and taking NSAIDs, to help with the inflammation. But, as I am starting back to train, I couldn’t see myself not training biceps. It was only on last weeks’ workouts, did I notice that my bicep tendon hurt too much to even consider training directly. So I looked online for solutions to help “cure” the problem quickly and one of the suggestions was to do forearm training, with a pronated position. Now, I tried that today and it did help for a bit but as I got heavier in the weight, the pain and tension on the tendon, would come back. There was no way I could fully extend my left arm, to produce a full contraction when it full flexion. So I just stopped training my biceps directly. I only did like 3 exercises, if that much and couldn’t even go as heavy as I wanted.

Now, I know that if I don’t let my tendon heal as much as it can, and not be inflamed anymore, I could face some serious problems in the future. So even though I trained or tried to train biceps today, I am going to be taking as much time off of direct bicep training, until my tendon has healed completely. So, you will notice that on my logs, that there wouldn’t be any updates associated with direct bicep training. It’s unfortunate, but I rather deal with not training my biceps directly, than end up getting a tear or permanent damage.

I am hoping that I will be able to do certain pulling exercises, as I have noticed once the weight becomes heavy, supporting it with my left hand causes a pulling sensation in my tendon and induces the same pain as if I was directly working my bicep out. Tomorrow is back day, so I will assess that then. Hopefully I can just keep doing compound workouts and just grow my biceps that way, until my tendon heals.

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