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The Beyond

“The Beyond”, is a sci-fi movie, that deals with unexplained extra-terrestrial phenomenons and the type of explorations it takes or would need to be taken, to explain these said phenomenons. Although there were some laughable, poorly photoshopped photos in the movie, which I suspect was due to the money basically running out with all the other areas of the film, that they may have just gotten a graphic design student, to quickly put the photos together ?

The movie takes the documentary approach, to develop the story, which is one that could be appreciated based on the content. Not only that, but because they chose to develop the story in this manner, it also kept you interested in what was going to happen next. I believe if they had tried to do this movie any other way, the suspense would have been lost and the interest in the movie, would have dropped right from the beginning. It is not a new story of any sort, but it is its’ portrayal of it, that makes “The Beyond”, such an intriguing sci-fi movie. The movie actually reminded me of “District 9”, because of that documentary like approach.

The movie takes into the consideration the physical limitations that man would have, to actually be able to fully explore the universe, due to the lack of current technological advancements to make sure that we would be kept safe and actually survive such a mission. We already know that astronauts who’ve had numerous missions, tend to suffer long term consequences of being in out of space for extended periods of time and that’s just within the regions outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

Not to give away too much of the movie, “The Beyond”, dips into the technological advances that we are slightly stepping upon currently, but are not able to leap towards because of ethical concerns; think “Robocop”. This tid bit, provides another avenue, where the movie peaked the interest of the viewer; at least this one viewer, me. It also wasn’t afraid to show the initial set backs and consequences that would come from these “experiments”, and how that the ethical concerns are highly warranted. That it’s not just human emotion restricting us from expanding, but that those human emotions are connected to more than just trying to be the best we can be as a technological species. That maybe some things we should not get involved in, even if we have the capability to so.

The concepts within science that this movie attempts to speak upon, may seem far fetched but they may be steps that mankind would probably have to make in the distant future. Whether it would be as blatant as it is in the movie? Probably not, seeing as fine tuning things is something that we as humans, tend to seem to be pretty good at, but it still will be a lot of ethical issues to overcome and at the end of the day, a hard pill to swallow. Which when you think about it, is like watching a very long “Black Mirror” episode.

The overall premise to the movie, is a pretty exciting one and one that you wouldn’t expect without watching the movie to its’ fullest. Although the end was a tad bit cheesy, it was necessary to close up the whole story. “The Beyond”, touched on so many different relevant topics in such a short period of time, that when the movie is done, as fictional as it is, it does keep you wondering.

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