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Becoming me again – Caloric Intake

So one of the biggest part to planning out your fitness journey, is how much you have to put into your body. The biggest essentials, we all know, is protein; especially if building muscle or maintaining muscle mass is the long term goal. But for me, right now it is the caloric intake. Once I can maintain that caloric intake, which will be monitored via using My Fitness Pal, I should steadily reduce my body fat over the next couple of months.

Currently, I am 180 lbs and although I am not as muscular as I was before, I still have my built. To be frank, all I have to do is do cardio and start back lifting weights steadily, incorporating strength training into the mix, and I will be at a suitable built before August. I know I will be seeing changes, in a full months’ time but the major change will come in months.

At 180 lbs, I am hoping to drop about 15-20 lbs and get to around 160ish when I am done overall. The idea is to have an athletic physique and to be in the best shape I have ever been, while struggling with the every day chaos that is life; medical school, studying for exams, fine tuning my skills at the hospital and just becoming the best doctor I could possibly, become.

My routine would include at least 4 days a week of the 10 minute HIIT sessions, with 3 days of weight training. If it is that I need a break, the cardio will be the one that gets knocked off the list. But seeing as the HIIT sessions are just 10 minutes, I am sure I can squeeze it in.

As for the caloric intake, seeing as this post was meant to talk about that, rather than my overall routine, which I do still plan to expand on in a later post, so I can have something to keep myself on track; I used Free Dieting Calorie Calculator, it is the calculator I have used for a long time, when I wanted to bulk or diet. I plan to consume at least 1800 calories a day, with no change even on the weight lifting days. The only difference would be protein in-take, to help with the muscle building and recovery. Other than that, I hope to keep it at 1800 calories as long as I can and I am sure with cardio and weight training, the fat should melt right off 🙂

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