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I want to apologize

This post is to publicly apologize to those who have visited my page and commented asking for assistance or any resources that I have, specifically for term 5. I have been missing in action when it came to this blog because of a hectic clinical rotation. Once psychiatry was done, I ended up in Surgery, then Internal Medicine, and then finally Obs and Gyn. Surgery was a hectic but pretty cool rotation, which I will eventually write a reflection on. Internal medicine was the most hectic and stressful of all the rotations because of the intensity of the subject matter. I will also write a reflection on the rotation and the NBME for Internal Medicine some time in the near future. Finally, Obs and Gyn was my most frustrating of clerkships because of the hiccups that I experienced during the rotation, not because of the rotation itself but because of a lot of logistic issues I endured during it.

In the future, if anyone is trying to get in contact with me, you should use my email address. I check my email regularly and would have answered them very quickly. I have had individuals email me and assisted them in whatever it is that they needed. So don’t be afraid to send one over!

I am going to be going on a nice hiatus, and much needed break from my rotations. I am starting my 4th year on March 5th, and plan to relax before my return to the hospital floor. During that hiatus, I will be vacationing home, and enjoying my time with my family. I will update my blog more regularly, with random topics and also strategies on doing well on the clerkships and NBME’s associated with them.

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