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Florida International University Bridge Collapse

Update (15/03/18): 6 confirmed dead

Florida International University (FIU) is my alma mater, and to hear of the bridge that they boasted about putting up in a few hours, a few days ago, collapsed and injured many and possibly killed more, has me heartbroken. I remember just glancing at that article, and thinking that they must feel so proud of themselves to do something so grand. Then to hear today from my mother that the bridge collapsed, is just surreal. I have traveled this same road so many times; going to school and leaving.

I just keep thinking of those poor people who were just going along their day, doing as we all do, and now their lives have changed completely. I keep thinking of how no one who was involved in the negligence of this tragedy, lost anyone due to their negligence. I hate thinking how the decisions of many, have caused such a devastating act to occur.

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Not only am I thinking of the people who lives have changed because of this, but I am also just imagining what those people must have gone through when that bridge suddenly collapsed. I could just imagine how the people who were approaching it and missed being crushed to death, are feeling right now. Or those who just passed it and only survived because of sheer luck, and being the ones ahead of those who the bridge collapsed on.

It also reminds me of my greatest fear; dying by being crushed. I used to have this somewhat debilitating fear when passing by a semi-truck and just thinking it would just topple over and crush me to death in the car. I used to have to close my eyes and hold my breath, as my mom prepared me for the inevitable fact that she would be passing the semi-truck because she had no other choice. I remember my heart would be racing, and I would just be imagining the truck toppling, and my family and myself would be crushed to death. I would wonder if death would be quick, or would it be slow. Would it be like closing your eyes and suddenly being somewhere else, or would I feel pain?

It was a very morbid fear to have and I could say it was a phobia that I eventually had to overcome with the fact that tragedies of those types were rare and not as typical as the average car crash. I literally used flooding, as a means to help me get through this very ridiculous fear. I knew it was irrational and I would never be able to drive on my own, if I held onto this fear.

Now that this has happened, I can feel my heart racing and a panic come over me, as I think of these poor individuals who lives were snuffed away because of someone else’s fault. I always hate, when other people’s decisions cause tragedy in someone else’s lives and never their own.

I just pray for those who were killed in this accident and pray that their families find peace and strength because it is a very difficult time to be in and I cannot even imagine the pain the families are currently in.

May their souls rest in peace and to those who were badly injured, that they recover physically and mentally.

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