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Gym – Week 2 – Becoming me again

So I just finished my 2nd week at the gym. The first week was meant to re-introduce me into the movements of the different exercises and getting my body back into the groove of things, so to speak. This week, I did a regular 3 day split with back and triceps on day 1, legs on day 2 with some shoulder work and chest and biceps on day 3. The reason the leg day was put in the middle, was because I absolutely hate working out legs. Although I absolutely hate it, I recognize how important it is for an overall physique but more so that training legs tend to involve the whole body when you’re doing compound training like squats. Supporting that barbell via your traps, spreading your legs at shoulder width and supporting yourself with your legs and your abdomen (stabilizer muscles); creates the best overall body workout one can do.

Workout: all weights are done for 10 reps, unless stated otherwise. The conversion is to the nearest rounded off number that you’d expect at a gym in pounds. Otherwise kg here are weird numbers like 16, 18, etc on the weights :P. Also most lifts are max lifts to 10 reps.

Back and Triceps

– Lat pulldowns: 45 kg/100 lbs
– Close grip lat pull downs: 35 kg/80 lbs
– Dumbbell alternate bent over rows: 18 kg/40 lbs
– Triceps push down: 20 kg/45 lbs
– Dumbbell one arm behind head tricep extensions: 7 kg/15 lbs
– Dumbbell one arm behind head tricep extensions: 8 kg/20 lbs x 5 reps


– Leg extensions: 40 kg/90 lbs
– Leg Curls: 20 kg/45 lbs
– Barbell Squats: 95 lbs

Chest and Biceps

– Barbell bench press: 115 lbs
– Dumbbell incline bench press: 16 kg/35 lbs
– Dumbbell alternate biceps curl: 14 kg/30 lbs
– Hammer curls: 14kg/30 lbs
– Z-bar biceps curl: 10 kg/25 lbs

Now these numbers may seem low and that’s because even though I felt I could definitely lift more, I am still only my 2nd week back into lifting weights. I want to make sure that everything progresses with each other, tendons and muscles, so that I don’t end up lifting more than my tendons can support and getting tendonitis. I have had it before and it is the worst thing to keep you from progressing in the gym. Seeing as this is a long term thing for me, this journey is a marathon and not a sprint.

Unfortunately next week I wouldn’t be able to train until Sunday because of an exam and other commitments of being out of town. So, I will try to work out on Sunday and do a full body workout to make sure that at least my body gets a workout in.

As for diet, it isn’t anything strict. I am just making sure I don’t drink sodas, eat too much carbs, and make sure to eat regularly. I also plan to increase my protein intake on leg days, with just an extra scoop. The regular protein intake outside of what I get from food, would be 2 scoops of protein powder, at 25 grams of protein per serving. So that’d give me 50 grams on regular days and 75 grams on my leg day. With the remainder of my food intake, I should hit over the 100s each day, which is more than enough.

My overall goal and hope is to get to 160 lbs or lose my abdominal fat and gain some of my definition back, by June; which ever comes first.

I will be updating this blog about my “becoming me again” journey, as often as I can just to keep track and keep committed.

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