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Started the gym today – Week 1 – Becoming me again

So today I finally got to the gym. To be honest, I was suppose to head out to the gym yesterday but got off hospital duties late and didn’t have the energy to go. What I should have done, was the 10 minute HIIT session, which I even pulled up on my laptop attached to my TV, but I have yet to actually do it.

I have always believed that once you put that first foot forward, the second one tends to move much easily, and as they both start going, you realize you’ve reached some significant distance. Whenever I stopped working out in the past, for shorter periods than what is currently my soon to be extended hiatus, it was always just actually getting myself into the gym once, and that was it. I am hoping with the first move, I am able to keep this going.

So today I just did basically two exercises per body part, for my upper body. The only muscle group that got more than 2 exercises, was deltoids. I had to hit all the heads, so of course I had to do lateral raises, bent over reverse butterflies, front raises, over head db presses and shrugs.

As for everything else, the basics were just:

Biceps: alternate db bicep curls and hammer curls
Triceps: behind head db extension and triceps pushdowns
Chest: machine bench press and machine butterflies
Back: Lat pull downs and low rows

Today’s session was more to get back into the groove of things and get my body back to the movements. For this weekend and the next, it will be all about getting back into things rather than trying to push myself. I realized from my previous success with my physique, that a marathon worked much better than a sprint (got fat from sprint and put on massive muscles on marathon; by the way sprint and marathon are metaphors for doing things quickly and doing things slowly; respectively).

The reason I also did machines instead of free weights for the bigger muscles, chest and back, was yet again to get back the feel of it. The worst thing someone can do when they are starting back at the gym, is push themselves too soon and injury themselves.

Anyways, tomorrow I plan to do legs and the next day, do my 10 minute HIIT session. I want to see if I can do the cardio for 3 days and then 3 days yet again of the gym. We will see how this works, but if I can’t get to the gym for 3 days, I will reduce the days to two days, with a upper body and lower body routine and then switch back when time allows. At the end of the day, it is to get my body worked out, rather than not doing anything at all.

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