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Gym Week 12 – Becoming me again

So, it’s been a while since I was in the gym. Last time it was around the 9th of June. I was preparing to go on a little vacation with my brother to Amsterdam, so the period before the trip was pretty hectic and also I was coming home late after my psychiatry clinics. So, the gym never happened. After I came back from Amsterdamn, I just was finishing up my final week of my psychiatry elective and yet again, I kept getting home late. Also started doing a binge of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies with my brother, as I spend time with him before he leaves to return back home. So, I preferred to do that than to go to the gym. But, I have gone to the gym for the 2 days of this weekend. The break seemed to really help with strength at least. So I am pretty happy with the break. I was able to do the 135 lb bench press with a lot of ease and no effort at all. I did 155 lbs for a few reps. So my strength did go up, as I noticed yet again the lightness of the 135 lb bench press. So I am pretty happy with the break.


– Barbell bench press: 135 x 10, 145 x 5, 155 x 4
– machine press: 135 x 9, 180 x 3


– Barbell bent over rows: 135 x 10, 125 x 10
– multi-grip lat pull down bar (the bar with extra handle grips on both sides of the bar): 35 kg x 10, 45 kg x 10, 50 kg x 8


– Ez-bar curls: 20 kg x 5
– hammer curls: 16 kg x 10, 18 kg x 8


– triceps db one arm behind head extension: 8 kg, 20, 10 kg x 12, 14 kg x 6
– behind head cable triceps extension: 17.5 kg x 10, 25 kg x 6, 27.5 kg x 5


– leg extensions: 50 kg x 10, 55 kg x 7
– barbell squats: 135 x 10
– barbell deadlifts: 135 x 10, 170 x 3
– leg curls: 35 kg x 8
– leg press calve raises: 100 kg x 5

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