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It! – Georgie takes his boat

I grew up, watching It, as a two part miniseries that was released in 1990. I remember being so scared watching it, that I drew my legs up onto the chair so that nothing could grab me. The fact the movie is all about kids being eaten by some type of extra-terrestrial being, is enough to send any kid crazy! I am not going to lie, I never liked clowns and this could very well have been the conditioning that caused it.

So when the 2017, It! remake was made and released, I definitely wanted to see it. As someone who’s seen the original, I already knew what was going to happen to little Georgie. Although in the original, they never showed you what happened to Georgie, rather it was inferred. So to see a kid getting his arm ripped off and then crawling away in desperation, is some deep sh!t.

With that being said, this scene that was made more as a funny extra rather than a deleted scene (as that would have ended the movie, right then and there), is awesome and hilarious at the same time. So, enjoy!

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