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Gym Week 4 – Becoming Me Again

This is week 4 of getting back at the gym. Last week I did not do legs, so I am pretty ashamed of that but I got back into it today and did pretty well when it comes to the lifts. I am going to make it my business, to do legs every week.

Another thing I noticed after I did legs today, and coming back from the gym, is that I forgot how awesome it is as a de-stressor. So, the gym is life. It will get me back into shape and it will help me to de-stress at the end of the week. Perfect way to end the week and perfect way to begin it again on Sunday.

Anyways here are the big lifts.

– Barbell bench press: 135 lbs x 5
– Incline DB bench press: 45 lbs x 5
– Lat pull down: 50 kg (100 lbs) x 10
– Barbell bent over row: 115 lbs x 10 (I used the ez-curl bar because it really helps with grip and it is perfect width to my shoulders, so it helps position my arms appropriately for the lift)

I always do my hammer curls and db bicep curls with my shoulder pinched back so the workout is strictly on my biceps. Hence lifts will be less than what I could have done in the past but are 100% biceps working out

– Alternate DB bicep curls: 35 lbs x 10
– Hammer curls: 30 x 10

– Behind head one arm DB triceps extensions: 25 x 10
– Behind head triceps machine extensions: 45 lbs x 10

– Leg extensions: 90 lbs x 10
– Barbell squats: 135 x 5
– Deadlifts: 135 x 5
– Trap Bar deadlifts: 90 x 10

*I did do leg curls but the weight was negligible because I work on a higher rep regimen for it, rather than how much weight I can move for how much reps.

– DB overhead press: 35 x 10

I love the Trap Bar deadlifts because your form is always on point. It is hard to not perform the deadlift properly. It also is an awesome full body workout. Shoulders get worked, arms get worked, back gets worked, stablizers get worked and legs get worked. Perfect for overall tension on the muscles. I do the normal deadlifts because that one you really have to know your form and it is another awesome workout that puts a lot of tension on the whole body.

I made sure to finish up the leg day with some shoulder workouts. Upright rows, shrugs, etc. I think the best part of a physique, outside of some solid legs, is the shoulders. Those are the puppies that make a BANG, when you’re in a tank top. So, I always make sure to work them very well. The only exercise I go heavy with, is overhead press. The rest of the shoulder workout is to just get the muscles working, for a certain amount of reps in a certain amount of time (think supersets, etc).

Also, because I am looking to lose body fat and gain my muscles, my calories are restricted, but my protein is going to be increased now that I am going to be working these legs constantly. I swear, I feel as if the fat is just melting off of me when I am doing a leg workout. I am like exhausted by the second exercise, but just keep going 😛

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