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Gym Week 10 – Becoming Me Again

So, I have started counting my calories and restricted my caloric intake to about 1800 calories. I try to get 160 grams of protein, 60 grams of fat and 160 grams of carbohydrates. This is based on the, recommended break down for 1800 calories, which I used caloric calculator to determine how much I need to consume to lose body fat.

Counting calories is the best way to keep track of your intake, as most people (even myself), tend to under estimate how much we actually consume within a day. Because of that, counting calories will keep you within your caloric requirement, and allow you to adjust your meals depending on what you have for the day. This allows me to consume the max amount of protein I need, while in a deficit, so that I can lose body fat and gain some muscles (I am basically building back the muscle used to have, so I am not building muscles I don’t have from scratch).

I have also included P90x Kenpo workout routine to my exercise regimen. I plan to do it at least twice for the week, with 3 days of weight lifting (heavy weight lifting). Because I haven’t done cardio in such a long time, and P90x is really high intensity (doesn’t allow you much rest at all), I am building up my stamina. Unfortunately for me, as enthusiastic as I want to be, I have to listen to my body. Building up will allow me to finish the whole video, eventually, while also losing the body fat I do have with what I am able to do. I am still pushing myself but unfortunately not finishing the video. Eventually I will get there though because workout after workout, I am doing more than I did last time, so that’s something.

My left arm is obviously not as peaked with my bicep, as the right one. My right arm is obviously my dominant so I am trying to get my left arm to grow a little more, while maintaining my right. So basically, I always start off single side workouts (eg: alternate bicep curls), with the left arm and whatever amount of reps it is able to go up to, that’s what I do with my right arm. It is the same with things like preacher curls, which I have recently started, where my workout starts with my left and whatever weight and reps I can do with the left arm, I do with the right arm even though I know I can do more weights or more reps. This is suppose to help balance them out, somewhat. They will not always be 100% the same, but aye, something is better than nothing.


– Barbell bent over rows: 135 x 10, 145 x 8
– Low cable rows: 40 lbs x 10
– Single cable lat pull downs: 40 per arm x 10
– Close grip lat pull downs: 55 kg x 6


– DB preacher curls: 20 lbs x 8
– DB concentration curls: 14 kg x 4
– EZ-car curls: 50 lbs x 4


– machine bench press: 135 x 10
– decline smith bench press: 90lbs x 10
– incline smith bench press: 90 lbs x 10
– incline db bench press: 45 lbs x 7, 50 lbs x 4


– Triceps extension: 60 x 8
– Skull crushers: 20 lbs x 10
– behind head triceps extension: 25.2 kg x 10


– Leg extensions: 55 kg x 8
– Squats: 135 lbs x 10
– T-bar deadlifts: 170 x 10, 215 x 2
– Calves raises: 200 lbs x 10 (machine)


– db overhead press: 22 kg x 5

I have decided I am only going to do 135 lbs for 10 reps on squats as I don’t want to mess up my knees. I will just focus on going heavy on the left extensions and maybe do machine leg presses, and go higher in those rather than the squats because I always go ass to grass for squats.

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