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Gym Week 7 – Becoming me again

So I didn’t do legs this week because my mood wasn’t up to par with my workout routine. My mood still isn’t up to par as I write this and post it, but there’s a long weekend coming up and I will use that to do a 3 day split instead of a 2 day split. This 7th week back at the gym was suppose to be a 3 day split, where opportunities arise but as aforementioned, it didn’t pan out.

As you would see, I increased in reps for certain exercises. I am hoping this steady increase in improvement, continues.

– Lat pull down: 100 x 8
– Close grip lat pull down: 100 x 8
– Barbell bent over rows: 135 x 10
– One arm db bent over rows: 50 x 10

– Alternate db curls: 35 x 6
– Hammer curls: 35 x 10
– EZ-bar curl: 30 x 10

– Flat barbell bench press: 135 x 10 (finally did it! I will continue doing these on my final set, and for 10 full reps for at least a month before I increase it. Or at least increase it by 5 lbs and go for as many reps as possible. I will decide on my next gym session).
– DB incline bench press: 50 x 8
– Close grip DB bench press: 55 x 10

– DB triceps behind head extension: 12 x 10
– Triceps push downs: 40 x 10
– Cable triceps overhead extension: 40 x 10

– DB overhead press: 45 x 8
– Lateral raises: 20 x 10

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