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Why Swiping Right Dating Apps Don’t Work

So, I will admit that I have tried the swiping right apps – bumble and tinder, and have realized as most people do, why these dating apps do not work. Or at least, I think most people would have figured it out by now.

Aside from the obvious that these apps give you a shield to hide behind (making it easier for you to reject a person you may have given a chance if they approached you in real life or you got to know them casually through group assignments – whether that’s college/university or work related or what have you), causing you to reduce your chance of finding “that one”, the obvious reason for these apps not working, is the swiping right feature.

Everyone has done it, on dating apps, where they swipe right with a craze because the app has notified you, that someone has liked you. We’ve come to learn after a couple of tries with these apps, that swiping right like a maniac will 99.9% of the time, display the person who’ve liked us. Unfortunately, the match is obviously not genuine.

Imagine if the person swiped right on your profile and that’s why they ended up liking you in the first place because they too were trying to find that person that liked them. Unfortunately as they swiped right on you, on their own swiping right craze, they didn’t genuinely like you. It was all in the focus of trying to find that “like”.

So it’s a continuous cycle of matching with people who you’re not genuinely interested in. Or you are interested in them, but they didn’t swipe purposely on you. Also, a lot of people just swipe right on a craze, when they are bored and unfortunately someone gets that like, and they swipe right genuinely on you (because they used the app properly) but you obviously didn’t like them for real, so you unmatch with them. Back to single-hood you go!

If these people don’t give the “match” a chance, those swipes go no where. Even when the knowledge of swiping right doesn’t do us any good, we still do it. Hoping that maybe one day, the match we get with someone, would be a genuine one; up until they go ghost on you, of course 🙂

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