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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer #1 (2019) – Official Trailer

So, the official trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, has been released! “She’s changing…” into the mothereffing phoenix!! If you grew up watching the X-men cartoon series (which I did), you’ve been waiting for the Phoenix to show itself, in a manner that was worthy of her presence. Yes, they kinda tried to introduce the Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand , but that movie was mildly entertaining and could be easily forgotten (I had to actually look it up on google, to refresh my memory on when they may have tried to introduce this beast upon us).

Anyways, power like this, cannot be contained! Finally, Jean Grey’s story is being told as it was suppose to.

Check out the trailer below!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix comes out Feb. 2019! Be ready people!

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