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X-men: Days of Future Past

I am just going to say that after watching this trailer, I honestly had goosebumps! I am not even exaggerating. The hair behind my neck were standing up, and there was a tingly sensation streaming up the back of my head!

I honestly believe this is going to be the most epic X-men ever! I think we all can agree that when the first X-men movie came out, it was awesome but did have some disappointing parts. For me, it had to do with Storm and her acting, done by Halle Berry. Although, the casting of Halle Berry as Storm, wasn’t a bad idea because she suited the role perfectly. Like how we allow Wolverine to be acted by Hugh Jackman, even though the comic book character is like basically 5’3″, if that and over the 200lbs weight mark. His facial feature and behavior, comes across just like we expect of Wolverine. So besides that downside of Storm, it was a good movie nevertheless.

Of course the last movie, not the Wolverine franchise, but rather the last X-men related movie was pretty awesome also. Just in case you have forgotten, I am talking about X-men: First Class. The whole prequel to this epic movie; Days of Future Past.

Although the premise of the movie is pretty obvious, as the movie poster attached to this post says; our beloved X-men have to prevent a huge catastrophic event that has to do with the Sentinels!!!!, from happening. Now before you mention me using exclamations mark in the middle of a sentence, and following it with a comma, I am absolutely excited by the fact that SENTINELS! are involved in this movie! I mean OMFG!!! Anyways, so yeah. They have to work with their past selves, for example; The Professor, when he was actually walking, to prevent this event from occurring. Now I am not sure, and I am positive it will be clarified in the movie, when these moments in the past are. Because from the trailer, you can see Magneto being held in some secure facility within the Pentagon, so hopefully the events leading up to his captivity, would be clarified.

But just to name a few of the awesome comic book characters coming to life on our screen, and some we didn’t get to see much of but were introduced in previous films, include; Gambit, Emma Frost, Jubilee and Night crawler, just to name a few.

To say, I can’t fucking wait to see it, is just an understatement. I really can’t fucking wait to see it!!! Thinking of even going to the IMAX movie theater, with reserved tickets, just to see this movie. That’s how excited I am about seeing it. I am hoping, with so much energy, that it definitely delivers 🙂

The movie looks like it’s packing a lot of heat, that and I am so ready to be blown away!

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