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Cravings – becoming me again

For the past couple of months, basically since I have started back working out consistently, my calories have reduced from what I am accustom to, to 1800 and then finally to 1600 calories. With the fact that I am adding maybe 2 days of 30 minute cardio, with 3 days of intense, heavy lifting, pushing the limit, weight training sessions; 1600 calories just doesn’t seem to cut it, at least when it comes to feeling satiated. Some days I am better than others, when it comes to feeling satisfied after a meal but the days that I cheat, and eat something I am not suppose to and reduce the amount of times I am allowed to eat in a day, it becomes tough. Now, when I do cheat, I don’t cheat with my caloric intake. I cheat with a meal, or a snack but my overall intake always remains at 1600 calories. If I were to go over that, I don’t allow myself to exceed 1800 calories. That has only happened once.

Today I decided I wanted to have some KFC boneless dips, just only 3, as 4 can take you to nearly over 900 calories. Three boneless dips from KFC is 515 calories. After work today, I decided I was going to go to the gym and do my 30 minute cardio on the elliptical. My last meal was around 12:30, when I had lunch and by the time I was heading to the gym, around 3 something, I wasn’t feeling hungry at all. Seeing as I walk to the gym, I already burn energy via doing that. At the gym, I did my 30 minutes of cardio. Once I was done, I was starving. I was home at around 4:30-ish and decided I wanted to get the dips. That didn’t arrive until something after 5 pm. So, the time from my last meal, to my dips was over 5 hours. So, I was starving and although 515 calories seems a lot, it isn’t when my body has literally sped up my basic metabolic rate. So, anything I eat, I am utilizing very efficiently. So, as I am writing this, I am literally starving or at least it feels like that because everything I have consumed, have been digested and I am back at an empty stomach.

This is the down side to cheating or eating a cheat meal, even though my calories will remain at or below 1600 calories. That 515 calories, could have been split up into two meals; my main dinner with chicken breast and some form of carbs, and then some eggs with ham later on, as a snack. Also, the fact that it’s just 3 chicken tenders, which the calories in them are revered up because of the breaded skin, makes the whole point of consuming the meal, pointless.

So that’s where this post comes into play. My cravings. I am having some bad cravings. It is week 2 of my 1600 calories, and I am already having cravings. So, I have decided to purchase some jello, yes, I said jello, from online. This will help me indulge in something that’s sweet and nice, but keep on tract. It doesn’t help with the current dilemma I am in, but just thinking that I can have those in between my meals and combat those cravings, is somewhat of a relief.

I know this post is a ramble and it was literally made so that I can show what I am going through right now, as I try to become me again with this journey. I even had to google some reinforcement, for my cravings and cheat meals, and found a perfect article that reiterated my thoughts about cheat meals, and cravings and allowed me to decide to go ahead and get that jello. If anyone reads this, they may laugh over it but when you’ve dropped your calories to 1600 a day, and your carbohydrates are 100-150 (mainly 100 grams), grams per day. That jello means a lot 😛

So if you’re going through your own weight loss program and the cravings are coming on and you just had a bite of that sweet, delicious, red velvet cake (oh, how I wish I could get me a slice of a cake right now lol), then check this article out.

Great advice though, drink lots of water. It isn’t only great for keeping hydrated, but also reducing those hunger pangs that can really discourage you during a low calorie diet.

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