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Original Terminator

Now, we all associate Terminator with Arnold. In fact, I don’t think any person can actually imagine anyone else playing the cybernetic organism or saying the famous lines; “I’ll be back” or “Hasta la vista baby”. I mean anytime we think of those lines, it automatically is said in Arnold’s accent. His deep accent just seems so appropriate for a cybernetic organism who’s built specifically to kill. But did you know that the original person, meant to play the Terminator was Lance Henriksen and not Arnold? Honestly, I cannot wrap my head around why James Cameron’s first pick, was him, although a reddit discussion clarifies his reasoning (apparently he wanted the terminator to be someone that blends in), but I have to say I am really glad that Arnold was chosen at the end of the day.

Click read more to see the concept drawings for the Terminator, when Lance Henriksen was being considered. We can remember though that Lance ended up playing Detective Hal Vukovich, in the first Terminator. Not a really big role as playing the Terminator, but he did end up in the movie at the end of the day.


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