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Remove Beyonce from Black Panther – Petition

Please sign the petition at, to remove Beyonce from whatever aspect it may be (if it’s just to be a musical background for the movie, then okay that’s allowed), that she’ll be involved with in Blank Panther. We already lost the Avengers, and some of beloved characters. We’ll never truly get to see them all under one roof, like we saw them in Avengers. Hence, we cannot afford to have any MCU movies be tarnished and cheapened by the presence of someone who cannot act to save her life. That person of course, being Beyonce.

So please, if you are an MCU fan and don’t want your beloved franchise, be cheapened, sign the petition.

Thank you.

But apparently the whole thing is fake and Beyonce isn’t going to have any involvement in Black Panther 2; not even as part of their soundtrack. That’s a huge relief but pretty funny that a petition was made, just in case it was real. I mean, you never know. It’s 2020, where we’ve had some serious WTFs, happening. Like what GenX or millenial individual, would have thought we’d be walking around in face masks, all over the world, like China has been doing for years because of their experience with SARS. We watch all these contagion type of movies and see it, but most of us have never had to deal with it in real life. Because I am sure if the average joe was asked, about a pandemic occurring in 2019 at the turn of 2020, they’d have said “never in a 100 years”. So anything is possible, just like Beyonce ruining a lovely franchise, is highly possible! Thank god not real though! 😛

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