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A Fun Challenge – Watch These Lost Horror Movies

In life, we always have to find things to entertain ourselves. One of those things, for me, is watching horror movies. I am an avid 80s horror movie fan. So much so I was ecstatic to see current horror movies that clearly were paying homage to the old 80s horror movies; think “The Conjuring”, recent franchise and the 1980s “Poltergeist”. If you don’t think they have the same feel to it, or even “Insidious”, then check those movies out and have a little reflection.

Although those movies I mentioned above, especially “Poltergeist”, are classics and well executed movies; I do happen to love some of the more cheesier horror genres of the 80s; think – “Pumpkinhead”, “Puppet Master” or more known franchies like “Hellraiser”.

seriously, lol what the hell?

what the hell?

Apparently there are some horror movies out there, that have gotten lost in the list of cheesy or very bad horror movies of the-whatever-century. This is where my Fun Challenge, comes from. I came across a Grunge article, and decided why not?

Some of those movies seemed interesting and some of them seemed so bad, I wonder if I would even be able to get through it, but aye, “Challenge Accepted!”.

I will try to watch the movies in the order the article has it, so that I have some type of order to the whole thing. After I have watched it, I will give a review. Now, I am not going to watch a movie, every night. I will watch these movies, when I have the time, and review afterwards.

The first movie on the list is “Blood Beach” – a very early 80s horror movie that basically is about the beach eating people. I kid you not. That’s the premise. So wish me luck ?

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